Pattern Day Trading

Pattern Day Trading

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"The market moves in ever-changing dominant patterns."


Seeing the market from a pattern perspective means to understand how the behaviour of market participants is forming the market swings you can see every day.

This course will teach you a complete trading approach, including the basics of chart patterns.

It is made for day- and swing trader who trade 15-Minute to 4-Hour charts in the Forex, Index or Commodities Market.

What you will learn:

  • How to interpret and define trend structure in the market
  • How to manage your trading positions
  • How to choose the right position size and have the right expectancy of your trading system with the help of the Risk Simulator
  • How to have the right psychology when trading the markets
  • Advanced topics like Multi Timeframe and System Building
In the end you will have a full understanding of the trend structure of any market in the moment and how to position yourself in ranging and trending markets, and you will know how to avoid non-tradeable market conditions.

Chapter Length
1. Introduction 01:05
2. Market Choice 02:36

3. Trendstructure & Principles

4. Trendstarter Setups 10:48
5. Trendcontinuation Setups 12:31
6. Reversal Setups 06:04
7. Psychology 02:52
8. Riskmanagement 09:04
9. Special Topics 07:22
Total 00:55:23