Fundamental Analysis Forex & Futures

Fundamental Analysis Forex & Futures

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The forex market is organized in a pyramid structure.
The profiteers on the top like hedgefonds, commercial banks and high-networth investors are far away from the retail trader world.

Long term money moves the market and it is fundamentally driven.

These are two truths that traders often find out, when they are trying to be "technical chart cowboys" and then lose money and don't understand what they don't see.

To gap the bridge between short-minded technical speculation, that is ultimately doomed to fail, and professionals, this course gives you a well structured insight into how to see the market from a top-down perspective.

It will help you to realize your place in the game as a retail trader.

What you will learn:

  • How to do fundamental analysis in the forex market for a long term outlook
  • How to analyze the COT report to find out real bias from big market players in the future market
  • How to combine fundamental, COT Report and Daily Chart Analysis to form Hypothesis for your trading day/week/month

Excel Files for a full fundamental analysis and COT Report Analysis with examples is included.

Chapter Length
Introduction 02:28
Market Participants 03:23
Forex Overview 01:05
Forex Analysis I 05:44
Forex Analysis II 02:02
Forex Analysis III 10:24
COT Report Analysis 09:40
Top Down Analysis 02:52
Daily Hypothesis 14:18
Total 00:51:54