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Trading success is three-dimensional. Without risk management, you will not reach your goals while probably destroying your account. Without a competitive edge you have no business trading in the first place. And without mastering trading psychology you can't let your edge and risk management play out without going insane.

Get access to > 3 hours of video courses:

What you will learn:

  • Hidden risks: different forms of correlations.

  • How to not overtrade by respecting the statistics of an underlying.

  • How to develop a risk scaling plan to protect your trading capital.

  • How to improve exits, entries: create a Reason2Sell list and an entry/exit management plan.

  • How to execute orders efficiently in stocks and futures.

  • How to track your trades and improve daily on your own insights.

  • How to build an edge with journaling.

  • How to get out of drawdowns with variable tracking.

  • ... and more!

What you will learn:

  • How to do fundamental analysis in the forex market for a long term outlook

  • How to analyze the COT report to find out real bias from big market players in the future market

  • How to combine fundamental, COT Report and Daily Chart Analysis to form Hypothesis for your trading day/week/month

What you will learn:

  • How to interpret and define trend structure in the market

  • How to manage your trading positions

  • How to choose the right position size and have the right expectancy of your trading system with the help of the Risk Simulator

  • How to have the right psychology when trading the markets

  • Advanced topics like Multi Timeframe and System Building

Your instructor: Niclas Hummel

Was realizing at the age of 20 that there is no 'school for trading' and that studying economics also didn't help.

He created after 7 years of active trading and thousands of trades taken.
All insights and approaches that turned his trading to profitability are available in his courses. should be a stepping stone towards trading success, trading improvement and beginner education. The aim is also to provide high quality statistical foundations and real understanding of risk to master the trading game.

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Daily Hypotheses

Bitcoin Daily Outlook Hypothesis

Every day before 9am GMT+1, Niclas will make his hypotheses based on a fundamental & COT Top-Down-Analysis to have an outlook for the upcoming day(s) in the following underlyings:

EURJPY | GBPUSD | AUDUSD | USDCHF | USDCAD | Crude Oil | Gold | Dax | Bitcoin

On top of that, live commentaries help to spot the best marekts & situations to be in.

A Community of Traders

Review charts and trade ideas together, ask questions. Find your mastermind group of like-minded day- and swing traders!


You can take the signals directly from Niclas, but the main goal is learning!

On Top of that: get 1x Personal Coaching after 1 month of learning