Video Courses

Get Access to >3 hrs of video courses.

Build a real edge.

Experienced Teacher

You get taught by a professional trader with 8 years experience in futures day & swing trading.

Professional Strategies

You will learn to build a real edge with top-down analysis based on fundamentals, COT, Auction Theory and applicable trading patterns.

Risk Management first

Risk Management stands at the core of all courses, because this is what makes and breaks a trading system in the end.

Discord Group

You will get access to our Discord Server and be able to communicate with the teacher and ask questions.

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Courses Included:

What you will learn:

  • - Hidden risks: different forms of correlations.

  • - How to not overtrade by respecting the statistics of an underlying.

  • - How to develop a risk scaling plan to protect your trading capital.

  • - How to improve exits, entries: create a Reason2Sell list and an entry/exit management plan.

  • - How to execute orders efficiently in stocks and futures.

  • - How to track your trades and improve daily on your own insights.

  • - How to build an edge with journaling.

  • - How to get out of drawdowns with variable tracking.

  • ... and more!

What you will learn:

  • - How to do fundamental analysis in the forex market for a long term outlook

  • - How to analyze the COT report to find out real bias from big market players in the future market

  • - How to combine fundamental, COT Report and Daily Chart Analysis to form Hypothesis for your trading day/week/month

What you will learn:

  • - How to find the best momentum zones to place trades with the help of market profile

  • - How to see common chart patterns in the point of view of Auction Theory

  • - Practical Trading Examples to help spot the best opportunities in every market situation

What you will learn:

  • - How to interpret and define trend structure in the market

  • - How to manage your trading positions

  • - How to choose the right position size and have the right expectancy of your trading system with the help of the Risk Simulator

  • - How to have the right psychology when trading the markets

  • - Advanced topics like Multi Timeframe and System Building

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