Two Methods to Overcome Boredom in Trading

How to deal with boredom in trading?

Trading is boring. At least one part of it. The execution, where you just have to do what has to be done.

What you have to do is putting on risk on your best setups with proper risk management. The thing is, you might have a passion for trading. Me too, I love trading. However, there are very boring moments during the trading day. Sometimes there’s not enough volatility or volume to trade or no trading setup.

Boring, what does that even mean?

Boredom by its definition is a lack of stimulation. For you as a trader it is this: you don’t have an open position and you miss the feeling of “being in risk”.

If boredom is something that gets you in bad trades, take your time to get conscious about the feeling of being “bored”. You can get more conscious with…

I: Meditation

In meditation you concentrate your mind on your breath and practice being in the moment. Thoughts will fly in and out of your head from any possible direction. They invite you to think about the past or the future, they make up a story about you sitting there.

It is easy to get lost in them and forget to focus on your breath. But that’s ok. You just have to come back to it, again and again. This will make you stronger from the inside out. It will make the boring state, the lack of stimulation, a pleasant and peaceful one, where you can feel the beauty deep inside you, and let you feel the calmness and ever-changing reality of the moment.

I consider it a very good exercise to stay happy and “boredom-free” during market hours or days with no intense action-based trading battles because you can become more conscious about what is “boring” and fill this emptiness inside you with breathing, just being in the now.

You, sitting on the trading screen is a bit like meditating, because the money is often made by not doing anything. It is often the "inaction" of letting a trade run until there is a reason to sell.

There’s also another mindset, a good "gap-filler" for boredom, which is called:

II: Quadrant-2 activities

Quadrant-2 activities, according to Stephen Covey, are activities that seem second important first but are most important as they help make your first quadrant activity (in this case the trading execution) more strong.

Here’s a list of these secondary activities, that can fill out your day and weekly plannings to improve the boring Quadrant-1-Execution phase indirectly:

  • Reviewing your past trades
  • Analyzing your own behavior after the session watching record of your trading
  • Tracking progress statistics in an excel sheet
  • Reading books
  • Talk trading with your friends
  • Writing a blog article about trading (obviously!)
  • Having other pleasant activities
  • Taking care of yourself (food, exercise, social)
  • Taking care of loved ones, doing the extra things for them, which they don’t expect
  • Stuff that I can’t even think about yet (out of my mental horizon)

Inner principles

If you love the process of daily improving, finding out new things, reading books, talking trading with other traders, being open minded, all the quadrant-2 activities, you will also start to find pleasure in building inner principles out of that which give you great fortitude in character.

Sitting on the trading screens then is just contemplation, pure ideas with strong conviction are present in your mind, the long gaps between each execution will be nothing that makes you feel pleasant or unpleasant anymore.

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