Managing Risk is your Ultimate Strategy.

Take your trading to the next level by using Risk Simulation and learning Risk Management.

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The Risk Simulator

If you sign up for free you can use the risk simulator to make monte carlo simulations with advanced statistics, that show you exactly how much drawdown you can expect and what position size is good for your trading system.

Trading Courses

If you want to become a professional trader the resources are right here. Learn how be profitable in the Forex, Indices & Commodity markets. Risk Management and Position Sizing philosophy at the core of every course.


Many free trading articles will help you understand risk and learn something new about trading and its many facettes. This is the point to get started to grow your trading knowledge.

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With monte carlo simulation you can gain insights into the probabilistic outcomes of your trading system.

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Profit Metrics

Profit Factor, Expectancy, adjustable Sharp Ratio, winning strikes and more.


Highest relative Drawdown, Average Drawdown, Highest Absolute Drawdown, Average Absolute Drawdown, Expected Drawdown and Max Loss Strike.

Goal Statistics

Find out what can be achieved with your trading stats for real. Average Profit and Cumulative Return Probabilities. See for example the 10% or 70% likeliness of gains and profits.

Cumulative Probabilities

You could get 150% or you could get 15% ROI (return on equity). How likely are those events? Find out with cumulative return and drawdown stats.

Simulator Runs

Try 10,000 runs or 100,000. The simulation always runs f.e. 100 trades in succession and it does this #n times to give more accurate stats.

Equity Curve Graphs

You can show as many possible equity curves as you want on the graph to get a visual picture of possible PnL outcomes and their drawdowns.